Lids have a straw hole and double as a coaster, the lid also has grooves to catch
spills, sweat or condensation

All of the 16 ounce cups, lids & bases are interchangeable for vibrant fun colors,
helping you keep track of your drink, never drink from the wrong cup again
spreading germs and stop throwing cups and drinks away
Color Coded Cup Identifier
16 Ounce Cup
Cups can be used with or
without the lids or optional
base coolant as needed

Chilly Twist
The World's Most Versatile Cup!

Bases and cups stack compactly and neatly

Cups & lids are top rack dishwasher safe

Bases should be hand washed due to the gel which is designed for 0 degree

Base coolant chills refrigerator drinks at or below refrigerator
temperatures for extended periods of time,
temperatures colder than ice
are possible (coldest at the bottom of the cup)!
Removable Base Coolant

Keeps drinks colder by limiting hands and the surrounding air from
warming drinks  
Built in Koozie without increasing the cups diameter

Cups are virtually indestructible and can last a lifetime with normal use
Cups, Lids & Bases are BPA & Lead Free

Base coolant, never contacts your drink directly
Does not transfer germs, taste, smells, impurities from the freezer

Base can be used as a separate coolant, a 2 ounce measuring cup or a
chilled or non-chilled shot glass
Freeze the base upside down in the
freezer for at least 12 hours
Once frozen the base will help cool your
favorite drink or Ice Cream
near the vent in the back is perfect, not near the
Chilly Twist is a: 16 ounce cup, with a lid, a coaster, a koozie, a cup identifier, a gel filled base
coolant, 2 oz. Measuring cup, chilled shot glass, non-chilled shot glass in one.
Camping/Outdoor/RV/Tailgating Games with Chilly Twist Cups include:
Flip Cup, Beirut, Tower of Beirut, Shot Pong, Pong, Ticktacktoe, Sniper and Block Out Pong.