Chilly Twist
The World's Most Versatile Cup!

Why do most fundraising programs fail to
reach their goal?

Reason #1 The products are over priced to the consumer!
Example: School fund raiser selling 9 ounces of cashews for $16.00, 32 ounces of cashews at
local store $11.00. Same amount of cashews from local store (38 ounces) would cost consumer
over $64.00 through fund raising program.

Reason #2 The promotional company overcharges and makes a
huge profit for themselves!

Reason #3 Groups typically receive a low payout for an already
over priced item!

Reason #4 Consumers many times, would rather make a cash
donation instead of paying for an over priced product, just to
help a good cause.

Reason #5 Consumers see the same products year after year.
Example: Cookies, Candles, Wrapping Paper, Chocolate (some chocolate at over $30 a
pound!!!), Popcorn etc...

Reason #6 Consumers typically make a purchase for a friend or
relative for a product, with little to no value to the consumer.

How are we different??

#1 Products are sold at "typical" retail prices, no outrageous

#2 Chilly Twist™ will pass along wholesale prices to your
organization! We will actually lower our prices for your benefit.

#3 You can determine the prices charged and the payout you

#4 Maximum payouts from dollar one, no unrealistic payout

#5 Products are not over priced, proving to be a cherished and
appreciated purchase. We also would recommend a cash
donation if appropriate.

#6 Chilly Twist™ is a brand new and refreshing, New
Hampshire Patented Invention, your friends and family may not
have seen or heard about us as of yet.

#7 Chilly Twist™ is a *7 in 1* product (a 16 ounce cup, built in
koozie, color coded cup identifier, removable base coolant which
can be used alone, as a 2 ounce measuring cup or 2 ounce taster
or used to help lower the temperature of your favorite drink or
ice cream when attached to the cup, a lid with a straw hole with
grooves to catch any sweat or condensation and the lid doubles
as a coaster). This can save the consumer money, space in their
cabinet as well as their freezer, help save the environment
versus disposable cups. A great value for the consumer to help
"your" great cause.

#8 No money commitment

#9 No minimum order requirement

#10 Fast order fulfillment

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