Refreshing Drinks Guaranteed

Introducing the Ultimate Cup for your everyday needs, Chilly Twist™ Patented *5 in 1* cups

You don’t like drinks that warm and start to spoil after only a few minutes and you don’t want to accidentally drink from the wrong cup spreading germs and viruses with
all of the cups looking the same.

Get yourself the right cup for the job: get a Chilly Twist™ cup. From the barbecue, to the kitchen, to the party, to the pool, a chilled, partially insulated, vibrant color
coded cup identifier, environmentally friendly, BPA & Lead Free, lifetime 16 ounce cup (with normal use), provides the most refreshing drinks possible.

"Drinking from a traditional cup warms drinks too quickly and between the warming of the drinks and the mix up when all of the cups look the same, I was wasting
money and many drinks were being poured down the drain. Frozen mugs, coolants or even ice, helps to keep the drinks colder, but the bulkiness in the freezer combined
with the taste, odors and impurities of the freezer or water lines, tainted and somewhat watered down the drink, to a point where the drink was no longer enjoyable" Said
Inventor Scott Cote.

With a traditional glass, the beverage may be poured and served at the desired temperature, but the warming from a persons hands and surrounding air, quickly raises the
temperature to an unacceptable level altering the taste and flavors a person desires.

Chilly Twist™ keeps your drinks colder in two ways, first the removable gel filled base lowers beverage temperatures below the poured temperature and second the
built in insulator/koozie prevents the surrounding air and a person’s hands from warming their beverage.

The Chilly Twist™ base coolant was designed to be compact, easily stackable and never contact the drink itself, no impurity contamination or watering down of the
drink is possible with this unique design. Drinks have been chilled from the refrigerator at 36 degrees, all the way down to 24 degrees at the bottom portion of the cup,
colder than ice. With the many fun color combinations, you and your children will always find their cup. Don't risk spreading or catching germs or the many viruses going
around by drinking from the wrong cup.

The cups are BPA & Lead Free and made from the same material as the best selling sippy cups, medicine bottles and food storage containers. The bases are made from
the same BPA & Lead Free long lasting material as the best selling children’s building blocks and the coolant gel has been FDA Approved, is non-toxic and
environmentally friendly.

A set of 6 Chilly Twist™ cups with 6 bases cost $19.99. And the bases are not only interchangeable with all of the different colored cups, providing many vibrant and
unique color combinations, but the bases will also be interchangeable with future products including a Travel Mug, Sippy Cup and Snack Cup.

Cups are available at www.ChillyTwist.com "go green with the coolest cup"

Note to Editors: For product samples or more information, contact Scott Cote at President@ChillyTwist.com

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go green  with the coolest cup
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