Chilly Twist
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Chilly Twist™
Milk Poured from the refrigerator 39-40 degrees
Regular household cup reached 43 degrees after 9 minutes

Chilly Twist reached 43 degrees after 1 hour and 25 minutes

After 9 minutes, Chilly Twist lowered the bottom of the Milk to 25 degrees

Chilly Twist lowered the Milk to 23 degrees after 11 minutes, 17 degrees colder than milk poured in a
regular household cup

Chilly Twist took 9 times as long to reach 43 degrees compared to a regular household cup

Test does not account for the warming by a persons hands, Chilly Twist could perform even better compared to a regular
household cup due to the built in koozie/insulator which would prevent a persons hands from warming their drink
Try This Test at Home
Freeze the base upside down in the back of the freezer closest to the vent (without blocking the vent) for 24 hours
Pour refrigerator temperature water directly in the base (no cup)
After 10-12 minutes you should notice ice formed on the bottom inside of the base and up the inner walls of the base

2nd. Test: Pour refrigerator temperature water directly in the base (no cup) as before, this time put a second frozen
base upside down on the top of the base with the water and wait 25 minutes.
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Not recommended for high temperature dishwasher's!!
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